The different huts we offer

Besides hammocks (only in dry season/winter) we offer a variety of different huts. Please mention your special wishes in the reservation form.

If you’d like a bit more space than usual, we offer huts with two beds or even with two floors. For example our rooftop room offers with two queen sized beds and a hammock space for a big family. Besides, this room has a beautiful view of the see.

The honeymoon suite offers one bed and a hammock, but two floors. The hut is built right in the rocks (see below) and is ideal for people who like to stay longer and need more space to live and work. The beautiful patio offers breathtaking sunsets seen from the hammocks.

As these examples show, each hut is unique. We don’t have a complicated reservation system, so please just fill out our reservation form and once you are here, choose your hut depending on the availability.