Lo Cósmico reservations

Our reservation form does not work at the moment. If you want to reserve a hut or a hammock please send us an email.

Please send us the following information:

  • Your name, address, email, phone
  • Arriving date, how many nights you stay and when you leave
  • Type of accommodation (hut or hammock) and for how many persons
  • Comments, questions etc.

We will then contact you and confirm your reservation (or suggest alternatives, if choices are not available). Please note: Your reservation is only valid after you got our confirmation!

One of our two-bed rooms.

These two pictures show our rooftop room with its beautiful view of the beach and the sea. To see more pictures from our huts, navigate through this section. If you want a special hut, please mention it in your reservation!

We are always full on special days or holidays like Christmas and Semana Santa (Easter). Please book at least two months in advance, during these times. Please note that we cannot accept reservations sent three or less days before arrival, but nevertheless we will always help you somehow to get a place to sleep, even if we are full.