Pochutla & Chacalapa

Traveling: Pochutla & Chacalapa

POCHUTLA is a unattractive little town, which is known to everyone who travels to Zipolite by bus (all the buses arrive here). Most people just come here to get money, fill up gasoline or buy stuff that is not available in Zipolite.

Just 10 minutes north of Pochutla on the road to Oaxaca is the small town of CHACALAPA. Chacalapa offers a nice balneario, a swimming pool feed by the local water spring. Every Thursday fresh water from the spring is led into the pool and therefore the pool is only open from Friday until Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday the water is used for the fields and plantations in the surroundings and on Wednesday the pool is cleaned, ready for another cycle. A very ecological pool in the middle of tropical surroundings!

The swimming pool of Chacalapa