How do I get to Zipolite?

By bus

No matter where you come from, if you travel in a coach bus, you’ll be arriving in the town of Pochutla. There are direct buses to Pochutla from Mexico City, Puebla, and Oaxaca, but also along the coast from Acapulco in the West or Chiapas (San Cristóbal de Las Casas) in the East.

If you’re coming from Oaxaca, you can also choose to take a mini-van, the fastest way to arrive in Zipolite. Most of the mini-vans arrive in Pochutla, but some have direct service to Zipolite a couple of times a day. One of the companies offering direct service is “Líneas Unidas”. The trip through the mountains takes around 7 hours and includes a bathroom break, and it costs around 360 pesos.

Once in Pochutla, you can either take a “pasajera” (local pick-up truck with passenger seats, around 20 pesos) or choose a taxi. Some taxis are “colectivos” and they’ll leave once full and drop off and pick up people along the road (around 30 pesos), but you can also get a private ride which should be around 200 pesos. (2024 prices)

By air

About one hour from Zipolite, east of Pochutla is the International Airport of Huatulco (HUX), and about one hour and a half west is the International Airport of Puerto Escondido (PXM). You can book a flight from your home country or a national flight from several Mexican cities to these two airports. From there, we suggest walking outside the airport to grab either a private taxi directly to Zipolite (800-1500 pesos) or a “colectivo” to Pochutla, and then follow the instructions above to get to Zipolite. If you’re coming from Puerto Escondido you can also choose to take public transport to the “San Antonio” crossroads and grab a “pasajera” from there to Zipolite. Taxis from within the airport are usually much pricier.

By car

Coming from Oaxaca City, the closest option is taking federal road #175, which will take you through the Sierra Madre mountains, on a winding but breathtaking trip. It’s 258 km and should take around 6-7 hours, with a break in San José del Pacífico for a coffee or woodstove meal. Drive slowly and carefully, as the road is narrow and the curves are tight.

Coming from Mexico City you can choose to either travel through Oaxaca or Acapulco. The first option starts with taking Highway #135D and then after Oaxaca moving onto Federal Road #175 as mentioned above. It’s about 718 km and should take about 12-13h. Don’t forget to take a break in Oaxaca to rest before continuing through the mountains.

The second option is less winding but longer. It begins by taking Highway #95D from Mexico City to Acapulco (passing through Cuernavaca), and then from there turning West on Federal Road #200 towards Salina Cruz (passing through Pinotepa Nacional and Puerto Escondido). Once you get closer to Pochutla you’ll reach the “San Antonio” intersection, where you will turn right onto Federal Road #157 passing through Mazunte to Zipolite. It’s 855km and should take around 14-15h.

How do I get to Lo Cósmico?

We are located at the west end of the beach, just before “El Alquimista”. Coming from Puerto Ángel, it is the last entrance on the road on the left, passing the “Rancho los Mangos/Hotel Los Angeles” and just before Arroyo Tres. Coming from Mazunte it is the first entrance on the right, just after Arroyo Tres.